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Strength & Conditioning Philosophy

The goal of the strength and conditioning program at GCHS is to maximize each student-athlete’s potential ability.  We serve all the athletic teams at GCHS.  We strive to provide a safe, clean, and first class facility.  Our workouts are strenuous while we follow a safe and logical progression of intensity from basic to advanced level.

The principles of our training philosophy are as follows:

  • Safety and proper technique are #1.
  • Workouts will be tailored for athletes to accommodate in-season vs. off-season emphasis.
  • We train our athletes to be athletic, not powerlifters.
  • We have standards of strength which push athletes without chasing unsafe numbers.
  • Our core lifts are the Bench Press, the Parallel Back Squat, & the Power Clean.
  • We begin each workout with a dynamic stretch & warm-up.  We end each workout with a static stretch.  Athletes will have access to myofascial devices to aid in the recovery process after strenuous workouts or practices.
  • Each athlete will develop the basics of linear speed, agility, and explosiveness.