Gators News · Weightlifting Wins!

By: Alea Marzol

Goose Creek High School is welcoming those who are returning football players or anyone who is interested in joining the football team to lift weights after school. Weightlifting starts at 4:30 pm and goes to 5:30 pm, in the weight room on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Even if you haven’t lifted weights before, that’s okay! The coaches will teach you. Make sure to bring clothing that will be comfortable to workout in/gym clothing. There are no jeans allowed. Tennis shoes are important clothing to bring as well. While exercising you want to be in clothing that you can sweat in but still stay comfortable. 

The technique in weight lifting is very important, if not done right you could injure yourself. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask the coaches for help. 

Even when football is out of season, players cannot just stop keeping up with their fitness. They need to keep up with their health and strength. Lifting weights is one of the ways football players can keep in shape and get better. When asked about the importance of lifting in the offseason, Coach Winstead answered, “Lifting is important because football is a contact sport. It is a physical game and your body needs to be able to absorb the punishment. Lifting and being strong gives you the physical tools to take the hits and of course, give them out.”

It’s not too late to start your offseason workouts. Join the team and coaches in the weight room after school!