Girls Junior Varsity Basketball · Coach Baldwin’s 400th win (Interview)

Interview By: Jackson Sulser & Jheri Dingle


How do you feel about getting your 400th win?

(Old) it’s one of those things that we talked about before, a lot has to come together you when have to have good players, parents and assistant coaches. We could talk for 30 minutes about who has been in our program and who has volunteered, our assistant coaches with our JV coaches. The main state has always been Linda Wright, she’s been in our program for 17-18 years. I’ve been here and she’s probably spent 30 years in the rec league she is the one who finds the kids and we bring them through our middle schools program, JV program and then high school and we have some kids who transfer in but, for the most part for the reason why we were able to sustain the level of plays is because  the foundation. That’s where Ms.Linda has made such a huge impact and of course JV program and that kind of thing and just to hold them to a higher standard and understanding what we expect in a classroom and that it’s gonna be tough if you want to play here your going to be very tough and talented so we have high expectation from the time they start. But 400? It’s very exciting it’s kinda like you don’t know until someone ask the number “oh man 400!”. But it just one of those things I was taught when I was in college at Charleston Southern, you don’t celebrate until the end of the season you move on to the next game. I’m already thinking about the game tonight so it is important, it is a milestone for our program, it is a accomplishment of what we’ve done over 18 years so it is neat.


Do you have any other mindstones that you want to get?

Milestones are not what I look to go after, I would like to get another state championship. That’s nice it’s not only for me but the girls and I think it’s always neat to say that you were the best team that year in your classifications. I have a son who just turned 12, he’s starting middle school basketball this year so he is my top priority. Making sure that he has the experience I had growing up playing basketball and those kind of things. So that is very very important to me and our main thing is to use the game of basketball to channel that into something better for them for when they finish high school whether it’s playing basketball or going to college or going in the military. I’ve formal players who are lawyers, I have two who are now sergeants in the military who are drill sergeants training young people to be soldiers and to defend our country. Also I have kids playing professional overseas and the biggest thing is to use the skills and the characteristics to that the get form basketball from being on the team to go onto society and being successful. So I always tell them basketball is just a game and it’s gonna end one day and who are you after that is what matters.


How long have been coaching?

This actually my 25th year at Goose Creek High School.  I’ve been coaching since day one, that’s what I came here to do. I actually wasn’t going to get into teaching when I got out of college and I was actually working St. Andrews. I started missing the coaching part of it and my old football coach said “I got a job for you”, and that’s how I started. I coached football and basketball my first two years and then at one point in time I was actually coaching three sports. I did football, basketball, and softball but of course with more reasonability being married and having a son, I kinda dialed back. Then when I took over the girls program, which is a full time job, that takes a lot of work. I did varsity football and varsity basketball for most of the 18 years. It takes a lot to do that and be successful, you gotta commit to it.


What qualities do you look for most in your players?

Toughness, I want tough kids that are gonna get after you but also to know that there is a line drawn where you have to respect your opponents and teachers. Don’t get me wrong I like basketball, I like to win games, but it’s not the most important thing I want kids to be respectful. The number one thing that I want them to be is to be able to survive on their own and to know when they need help if they need it but to know that they can do things on their own and not have to feel like the have to depend on someone else but also want that need to have someone else. I always say you want to be something but not have to have it, but it does make you stronger so I want them to stand on their own and not depend on anyone else but also be able to say you do need to be able to be with someone for as teammates, coaches that kinds of things.