Boys Varsity Football · An Inside Look

Written by: Tykeeda Thompson

Tremaine James

High school is a ring of challenges, emotions, and growing for every teenager. But committing to colleges are a whole different ball game, you will get an inside look into two football players committing to colleges and weighing their options.

“Committing to a college is a personal thing for me. It’s dedicating four years of your life to a team and a school family. I’m not here just to play, but also to help out and be there to make something of myself.” – Tremaine James


Tremaine James is a football player at Goose Creek High, he’s played Varsity Football since his freshman year. This year is his senior year, his grades, behavior, and performance on the field are very important.  I interviewed Mr. James and here’s an inside look on what he feels this year means to him.


Tremaine perfected his craft throughout his four years playing football here; he feels that committing to a college is on the personal level of things. Being in high school has showed him maturity, compassion and the love of a sport and its importance. Patience is the key to a successful future, the wait, the trials and tribulations. In his last year, he feels his team got better over time, they experienced new coaches and new raw talent. The season went by very fast, so to him there wasn’t much time to connect with each other until the very end. But, they got better together and grew as one during his senior year of football. Tremaine has had various offers from schools such as Coastal Carolina University, Savannah State University, Georgia Southern University, St. Andrews University, etc. These colleges contact your school, coaches, and teachers to see what type of person you are.  All through this process, his advice is to be passionate about what you love and to never limit yourself while trying to become the best you can.


Jameel McGee

“I want to play football at the next best level and take a big step for the next chapter in my life. Football has pushed me to work harder and learn to see things through.” -Jameel Mcgee

Jameel McGee is also a football player at Goose Creek High School. He started playing football in his sophomore year here.  Jameel enjoyed playing the sport because it gave him something to do, and over time he increased his skills and love for the game. He never thought that he’d take his football career onto college, which has made him very proud of himself.

He’s focused on his grades and graduating high school, all while being looked at by different colleges. Jameel has been scouted by St. Andrews and Benedict so far; he’s focused on making the right decision. This season, he’s had pressure from his peers and coaches, these people have driven him to graduate and continue on with his new found passion. Within his two years of playing he’s gained more strength, and more skill for two different positions.

This year the team experienced new coaches, which helped the team progress as whole. These coaches cared, pushed them, and taught them thoroughly on and off the field. In a way, football has changed him to know what it’s like to be dedicated to something you enjoy doing, and seeing it through.


Whichever decision these two players make, we will be rooting for them come graduation!