Boys Varsity Baseball · Rebuck’s Return to Baseball

Written by: Tayler Jenkins

A new face has been added to the baseball program here at Goose Creek HIgh. Kirk Rebuck has been announced as the new head baseball coach. He has been at the ballfield all his life, Rebuck has played baseball since he was little, played all four years in high school, played four years of college and also played in the Summer Wooden Bat Leagues. Rebuck began his baseball coaching experience at Benedictine College; he then went back to Pennsylvania to be an assistant coach at Bloomsburg University. He has been coaching travel and highschool ever since.

Prior to this change he was the head softball coach for two seasons where he helped improve the Lady Gators. Under his leadership, the team advanced to the playoffs 2 years in a row for the first time in years. When Coach Rebuck was asked about the difficulty in transitioning from one sport to another, he said,“Although I really did enjoy coaching softball, and I hope I left the program in a better place than when I took the position, baseball has always been a big part of my life. I believe the transition to go back to baseball will be an easier one than switching to softball.”

There are multiple challenges that are gonna come up when coming into a new program. Coach Rebuck is willing to face the challenge to change the culture of the baseball program and to be successful in this new region which is a little tougher. Although Rebuck wants to be successful this season,wins and loses aren’t everything to him. A goal he really wants to accomplish is implementing a strong structure and enforce high expectations for the program. He also wants to change some things in order to be successful. The one thing he wants to focus on is, “their drive and commitment to being their best.”

Learning how to step up and be a leader when change has occurred is everything and that’s what Rebuck is looking forward to. He believes that leaders come in all shapes and sizes and that some are vocal while others lead by an example. Coach is looking forward to what some of the older players are going have to buy in and do on their own. Having a JV program that mimics the varsity program and the way it is organized is the key to longevity. The JV team is going to be held to the same standards that the varsity players are held to. The younger guys are the future of the program and are going to have the older guys to look up to.

The baseball program is glad to have a newish face here at Goose Creek! We’re excited to see what Coach Rebuck and the baseball team do this season! Good Luck guys!