Girls Varsity Softball · A Bright Future

Written by: Tayler Jenkins

Saying hello to a bright future, the Goose Creek Softball Team has added a new face to the program: Sharon Allred (Baker). She has been around softball all her life. She played at the collegiate level and has been coaching softball for 15 years now. Coach Allred was the previous head coach at Cane Bay High School. Now she is actually teaching and coaching here at Goose Creek. She was asked, “ Do you think it’s beneficial to be teaching and coaching rather than just coaching?” Allred replied with, “ Yes, because I’m here with the girls. Whenever they need me I’ll be here.”

Allred was very successful in her past years coaching, and that’s what she’s expecting to be here. She has a winning mindset and wants the softball players to have one, too. With this mindset, the softball team’s goal is to win games and exceed past what they have been able to accomplish in past years. Allred was made to be a coach. It’s in her blood. She has always been on a schedule around sports since she was younger playing three sports in high school and two sports in college. She has always been on the field or actively doing something.

Coach Allred is all about change, and that’s what she’s looking forward to the most about coaching her first season here at Goose Creek. She wants to continue to steer the culture of the program in a positive direction that will be good for all the people involved in the program. The Lady Gators have had a lot of change these past softball seasons with new coaching staffs for several years in a row. A lot of the girls on the team remain “open to change” because they need to be. They know that in order for it to work, they must come in from day one with a positive outlook.  

Our softball team is really looking forward to working with Coach Allred. The last thing Allred had to say was,  “I’m excited to work with the Goose Creek’s softball program and the potential of the great athletes.”

We’re glad to have a new face here at Goose Creek and can’t wait to see what Coach Allred and the softball team have in store for this season.