Multiple Teams · Wrestling Fundraiser


The Wrestling Team has collected over $700 in GIFT CARDS, and
we need your help!  We will be holding a live drawing at the start
of practice next week on December 8th, WINNER TAKE ALL

If you would like to enter your name in the drawing, the options
are as follows:

$5.00 for 1 entry
$10.00 for 3 entries
$20 for 10 entries!

Gift Cards Include:  
Amazon ($100!!), Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, Outback,
Applebees, Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Walmart, VISA,
MASTERCARD, DominosPizza Hut, iTunes, Subway!

All funds raised will go toward the season’s expenses! Contact Coach Geary at if you would like more information.

Thank you for your support!