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News · Track & Field State Championship

On Saturday, May 13, Tyriq Martin and Lonnie Mortan woke up to the biggest day of their lives. They were waiting for this day all season. All of their practices, hard work, and meets; all their blood, sweat, and tears came down to this day. They both arrived at the Spring Valley track meet at 8:00 AM.

Lonnie immediately got into game mode with his race being at 9:30 AM. He was preparing for his race making sure he was warm and hydrated. Lonnie Mortan came to the track meet being placed at the 5th seat for the 110 meters high hurdles, lane 2. Lonnie gave all that he had in his race. He had some tough competition; Lonnie ended up in 5th place at the end of the race. He was incredibly humble and says that he was just happy to have been enable to run at state.

When it came down to Tyriq’s race at 12:00 PM, he had been preparing for it all day and couldn’t wait to do what he does best: the 200 meters. Tyriq came placed at the 1st seat for this race, lane 5. He was determined and so ready to run. When it came down to the race Tyriq ran his heart out, determined to get the title. The race was so close, but he WON. TYRIQ got the title of the Boys’ STATE CHAMPION!!!!!

Congratulations to both of these Gators. You represented yourselves and your school to the best of your ability!