Multiple Teams · Coach Profile: Coach Rebuck

Goose Creek High School Journalism conducted this interview with 2 year coach, Coach Rebuck.

GCHS Journalism: How long have you coached at GCHS?

Coach Rebuck: 1 year

GCHS Journalism: What sports do you coach?

Coach Rebuck: Football & Softball

GCHS Journalism: Did you play sports in HS/College? Which ones?

Coach Rebuck: H.S. – Baseball, Basketball / College – Baseball

GCHS Journalism: Why did you become a coach?

Coach Rebuck: To help athletes reach their level of potential.

GCHS Journalism: What’s your favorite sport?

Coach Rebuck: Baseball

GCHS Journalism: What is your most memorable season at GCHS?

Coach Rebuck: Last year because it’s my only one.

GCHS Journalism: What do you do in your free time?

Coach Rebuck: Fishing

GCHS Journalism: Where did you attend college? Why did you choose there?

Coach Rebuck: El Pass C.C., Benedictine College, Bloomsburg University. They offered me the most money.