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Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Coach Icenhour

Written By: Michaela Hedglin

Stephanie Icenhour

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“I want to teach my students that hard work and commitment are two keys to becoming successful. Many times, it’s hard to see success when you’re working hard every day, but then we can reflect from the beginning of a season to the end. We may not meet the goals that we set, but we can readjust and make new goals to get there.” -Stephanie Icenhour

Coach Icenhour, the Varsity Girls Soccer coach, hopes to create an environment where players understand the importance of discipline, work hard every day to improve, and strive to reach their goals. Not only does she expect her players to work hard to be good at their sport, but she also expects them to be good people. When asked what factors other than skill set, grade and athletic ability will affect her decision whether a player will make her team or not, Coach Icenhour states, “Attitude is the number one thing I look for in an athlete. Not only can a bad attitude reflect in the player’s performance, it can also affect the team dynamic.”  A player who is disrespectful or talks down to the their teammates is “a cancer to a team.” She believes that teamwork is essential to her team and their success.

Coach Icenhour has had the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches in South Carolina. “Coaching at Brookland-Cayce under Emily Logan Heise and Gregg Brazell was highly beneficial to me as a coach, and it really reflects the type of practice sessions I can provide my players.” Coach Icenhour’s players have had a profound impact on her life. She treats each year as an opportunity to improve herself as a coach, and tries to develop a relationship with her players that will go beyond soccer. She even has developed lasting friendships with many of her players. “I still speak with many of my former players and attend their collegiate games.”

Coach Icenhour plans to help her team to do their best to succeed this upcoming season, and she is confident in their ability to do so.