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Gators News · Sharonda Singleton Track Classic

Last year, the first Gator Crawl took on the task of raising funds to support Coach Singleton’s passion: academics and track and field. The fruits of the committee’s labor were seen in the form of scholarships to students last year. This year, the hard work and dedication will be seen further in the form of a major track meet in Coach Singleton’s name.

On March 1, 2017, the Sharonda Singleton Track Classic will be held at Goose Creek High School at 5PM. One this day, her dream of being able to host major track events at the school will be seen in the beginning stages. Teams will descend upon the GCHS track and compete their hearts out in her name.

This year’s Gator Crawl will continue to raise money to support the scholarship fund and future track meets to honor her passion for education and athletics.

Come out and support your Gators and Coach Singleton’s dream!