Multiple Teams · So Much Water, So Little Time

Swimmer Tyrell Hudlin afforded me the opportunity to get to know a little bit about him and his swimming career. He joined the swim team when his best friend explained to him how fun it was. She told him how nice the people are and wanted him to join. Because Tyrell has always loved swimming, he decided to give it a shot. He’s been on the Goose Creek swim team for a year and is enjoying it. Tyrell’s achievements so far has been being the 4th fastest out of 26 in his 50 freestyle.

I asked if he planned on swimming at a college level. He responded with, “Probably for a scholarship, but anything after that probably not.” In regards to being on a swim team, I asked Tyrell what separates him from his teammates. He doesn’t think anything separates them at all; he feels they all have strengths and weakness but they all support each other. Swimming might be made up of mostly individual events, but the swimmers are first and foremost a team. For some swimmers, all kinds of stuff might go through their minds during a swim, but for Tyrell that’s not the case. Now, that doesn’t mean he isn’t nervous! He explained that right before his event starts, he’s “nervous and feels nauseous until he gets in the water.” But after that, the only thing on his mind is, “push faster, push faster, push faster.”

To become a better swimmer Tyrell says he practices for 2 hours with his team. His saying that he lives by is,”Just be happy and feel happy.” Tyrell says in 10 years from now he hopes to be an elementary teacher, but right now he is proud to be a Goose Creek athlete.

If you haven’t had the chance to come out and see this team in action, come on out and support the swimming Gators!